Steps to Convert from Quicken Windows to Quicken Mac

11 Apr

Quicken is a highly developed finance management software that is designed to help users for keeping track of their finances. Apart from its various features, Quicken is also very popular owing to its compatibility. This software can be used with both windows as well as Mac operating systems. There are also different versions of quicken are available for Mac and windows as they both use dissimilar coding for their respective operating systems. You can download Quicken from that is preferred by your operating system.

If you want to convert from Quicken windows to Quicken Mac, then simply follow the below mentioned points:  

Before you begin you need to make sure of few things first: 

  • Validate your data file in Quicken for Windows by following these steps:
  • At the top menu bar, click on file, then choose file operations
  • Go for validate & repair and put a check next to validate file.
  • At last simply click Ok.
  • Cancel any kind of repeating Bill Pay payments that you may have set up in your file.
  • Always ensure that the account balance must be same before and after the conversion. If data doesn’t match then manually add the missing transactions.

Now, after ensuring all these things, look at the steps to convert from Quicken windows to Quicken Mac. 

  • On your Mac computer, open your new Quicken for Mac software and choose “start from a Quicken windows file”
  • Simply login your Quicken account or if you don’t have one then create it.
  • After choosing your mobile preferences, press next.
  • Choose the Quicken windows data file that you want to import into Quicken for Mac. 
  • After that you may see a download progress screen. At this moment, Quicken will automatically download the conversion utility that it needs to convert your Quicken for windows file. When the download completes then the process will continue automatically.
  • Finally, after few minutes you will see the “Exporting data…" progress screen. That means your Quicken Windows data is being imported into Quicken for Mac. This conversion may take few minutes depending upon the size of the data file.

Now, you are able to convert from Quicken Windows to Quicken Mac. However, if you face any issue, then don’t forget to dial Quicken Helpline Number and take resolutions from the highly-educated professionals.

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